Þorpið – Tengslasetur

Mindful Surrender @Ljósheimar

What wisdom is revealed when we tune into our bodies and give ourselves a moment to listen?

Experience the magic available to us, feel into your body with mindful moves, breaths and rest to honor it’s natural rythms and all that you are

psst… There are only limited spaces available

Miðvikudaginn 14. des 19-21

Í Ljósheimum, Borgartúni 3




Mindful moves, like everything else we do, was created because we need it ourselves. It is a challenge to listen to our bodies inherent wisdom when we are living active lives with many stressors and roles to attend to.
It is Alda’s passion to lead you back home in harmony with your natural rythms.

In Mindful Moves we get familiar with our bodily sensations by increasing awareness of it through yogic practices like active asanas, restorative asanas, pranayam and meditation. We will explore our beings through the breath, body and nervous system so we may feel empowered and move with more ease through life, as conscious creators.

These events will be offered once a month at Ljósheimar, Borgartúni 3; around the new moon and the events will be focused on the breath and restorative practices.

Alda graduated as a yoga teacher 2017 from Open sky yoga and 2015 as an Occupational Therapist and has helped a wide range of people to thrive better.  Alda has worked with forms of nature therapy since 2016, she is a practitioner of the shamanic arts and she feels most alive when working with nature to unlock our potential.

Alda uses her professional knowledge as an OT and lived wisdom to empower you in your healing processes through somatic work. Alda is a firm believer that by befriending your nervous system you make room for magic in your life and tap into the power of who you are.

Along with Sóla, Alda cofounded Þorpið – tengslasetur and Fyrstu fimm. Together they offer service as @wildlaslobas for anyone interested in thriving better as an holistic magical being.

“To fully thrive, we must not only eliminate the stressors but also actively seek joyful, loving, fulfilling lives that stimulate growth processes.”
– Bruce Lipton


Skráðu þig á póstlista Þorpsins og fáðu upplýsingar um allt það nýjasta sem er framundan hjá okkur í viðburðum, námskeiðum og nýjungum í vefverslun.

Við notum vafrakökur til að tryggja að þú fáir bestu upplifunina á vefsíðunni okkar.  Ef þú heldur áfram gerum við ráð fyrir að þú samþykkir þessa skilmála. Lesa meira